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Mekemson, C; Glantz, S Methods: Review of previously secret tobacco industry documents available on the internet. Results: Both the entertainment and tobacco industries recognised the high value of promotion of tobacco through entertainment media.

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RJR and Philip Morris also worked to place products on television at the beginning of the decade. Each company hired aggressive product placement firms to represent its interests in Hollywood.

Mekemson, C; Glantz, S Methods: Review of previously secret tobacco industry documents available on the internet.

These firms placed products and tobacco signage in positive situations that would encourage viewers to use tobacco and kept brands from being used in negative situations.

At least one of the companies, RJR, undertook an extensive campaign to hook Hollywood on tobacco by providing free cigarettes to actors on a monthly basis.

Efforts were also made to place favourable articles relating to product use by actors in national print media and to encourage professional photographers to take pictures of actors smoking specific brands. The cigar industry started developing connections with the entertainment industry rapid kaalulangus jenny craig in the s and paid product placements were made in both movies and on television.

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This effort did not always require money payments from the tobacco industry to the entertainment industry, suggesting that simply looking for cash payoffs may rapid kaalulangus jenny craig other important ties between the tobacco and entertainment industries. Conclusions: The tobacco industry understood the value of placing and encouraging tobacco use in films, and how to do it. While the industry claims to have ended this practice, smoking in motion pictures increased throughout the s and remains a public health problem.

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PMID Science. We use interactive 'click and drag' learning, bold colors, high graphic design standards, cartooning, animations and videos.

We present Astronomy material in three languages, written English, written Spanish, and written and spoken Navajo. This distance-learning course is specifically designed for students with limited proficiency in the English language.

We have both a lecture and laboratory series in the course that may be found at www.

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It carries 4 hours of credit as Astronomy To paraphrase John Ford, the great Hollywood director, a good movie should be able to stand with no dialogue. We have tried to meet his standard. We have borrowed heavily from the style of the Pvt. We have also used the graphic design techniques that I learned many years ago as a technical briefing officer rasva poletamine hai tank the Chief of Naval Operation's Briefing Room at the Pentagon, Washington D.

Finally, we use elements of 'Programmed Learning' developed by the American Management Association thirty odd years ago.

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Elements that make our web course unique are: A laboratory on Navajo Astronomy, lectures translated into Spanish, and many collateral resources for student use both internal to our web site and rapid kaalulangus jenny craig external links on the Internet.