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Being on a hiatus from a successful acting career Golden Years, The Cosby Show, Seinfeld and having become a mother of six, she continues painting at her studio in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Here's a couple of the Danish black gazers Møl. Ci sono tante cose da vedere ma essendo piccola è possibile visitarla a piedi quasi interamente in un giorno. Oggi ospita la più grande collezione di arte estone del Paese. TampereRaw kiittä rohkeaa, innoittavaa ja aina vaan ajankohtaista kirjailijaa yhdenvertaisuuden ja oikeudenmukaisuuden eteen tehdystä työstä. Facebook-sivuiltamme pääsette kuulemaan säveltäjä Cecilia Damströmin 'Minna' pianokvinteton, jonka TampereRaw esitti Tallinn Music Week festivaalilla viime elokuussa.

In this interview she shares her thoughts about her work, life, and being a woman. Have you always thought of yourself mainly as of a painter and an actor or are painting and acting just two ways among many to express yourself? Painting is something that I can do with the six children around me.

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I nurse the baby at the easel, kaalulanguse klubid gold coast I stroke the canvas, and can incorporate the children and their indoor activities into the work environment at my art kaalulanguse klubid gold coast. The same could not be true, if I were a regular on a TV series, though I would welcome the work, of course!

It is a years-long project, in an embryonic stage, which weaves together my paintings, poetry, videography, playwriting and drama into one on-stage performance that tells stories which revolve around my being an Afro-Cuban expatriate of mixed heritage. I definitely feel that I would literally die if I could not paint.

I would find a way to continue painting, even if I had no sight, God forbid. I cannot say the same for acting, though I love the craft very deeply. Do you think that your being an actress has influenced you a lot as a painter? Have you ever considered working as a movie director?

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A: Absolutely! My acting has impacted my painting and vice versa.

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I would love to direct a movie one day, though it would probably be a grassroots no-budget project. Q: You are as charismatic as the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, if you allow me the comparison.

Has she or anyone else influenced the way you think about and do art? A: Wow! What a compliment! How flattering! I love Frida Kahlo. Yes, she inspires my art; I have several books on her and have looked at her paintings for hours at a time.

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Her work is so sincere and vulnerable, yet kaalulanguse klubid gold coast. So her paintings speak to me in a most empathetic way.

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However, to tell you the truth, the ones who have influenced most the way I think about and do art are my parents and my children. My children are by far my greatest earthly inspiration and my best critics when it comes to creating art. I do believe that his spirit puts paintings and poetry in my mind while I sleep. It becomes a matter of executing the images on canvas or typing the poems into my computer and performing the spoken word on stage.

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The work then flows out of me like a waterfall, without my really trying. I race with the limitations of time and with the obligations of parenting to create my art which has already been created in my head. Q: You are married and have six! How do you manage to divide your time between being an artist and being a wife and mother? Lili Bernard at work with her six children. Lili Bernard and her happy family.

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Some times, in one week, I pull two all-nighters, with nights of one or two or three hours of sleep in between! And it repeats like that, cyclically.

My children truly do impel me to create. There is also a real need to assist my husband in providing for our children. This is also a motivation. The rasva poletamine t sark of my paintings have helped with that.

I watched my parents juggle six children and their careers and provide for us a wonderful life. My parents inspire me greatly to try and do the same, to stay true to my artistic kaalulanguse klubid gold coast while being a responsible parent who, along with her husband, provides for the need of her children.

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Q: Your studio in Chinatown also functions as a nonprofit art gallery called HABLA Underground which features besides your own work also the work of other artists. A: I created HABLA Harvesting Asian Black Latino Artistskuidas poletada rasva oma ulemise selja kaalulanguse klubid gold coast three years ago because it had become apparent to me that there is a terrible dearth in the main-stream art world of artists of color and of artwork in general that represents themes and images outside of the White realm.

At first, the program revolved around youth mentoring. Last summer, I incorporated an adult artist collaborative. The idea in bringing adult artists together is to share with other artists, regardless of their ethnic makeup, the platform that I have enjoyed for almost three years now, in having an art studio located in a premier, world-famous art gallery district.

Our collaborative is comprised of people of all ethnicities, including Caucasian.

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