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First, the feet are cleaned with warm moist towels. Järgnevaks hoolduse etapiks on näohooldus, mille käigus sügavpuhastatakse näo, kaela ja dekoltee piirkond kasutades massaažiliigutusi. Selle rituaali ette soovitame Hamamm või vanni rituaal. See geniaalne koorimise retsept sisaldab vürtse ja meresoolasegu. We kindly request you to arrive at a pre-booked treatment min in advance in order to adjust yourself for the forthcoming experience.

It improves blood circulation in the tissues and facilitates the metabolism.

  • Honey massage accelerates blood flow to the region.
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It is used in cases of muscle strain, sleep disorders, and also to relieve stress. Classical massage results in feelings of relaxation and well-being.

slimming spaad

It is not allowed to conduct a massage when blood pressure is substantially above the norm when there are varicose veins, different skin slimming spaad or fever. Honey massage accelerates blood flow to the region. Reach the body through the skin, known as the healing effects of honey.

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Honey massage is used successfully in muscular tension, colds, mental stress, joint problems and chronic treatment of cellulite. Native Americans used cold or hot rocks slimming spaad release body tension.

slimming spaad

In this massage ritual, smooth volcanic rocks in varying temperatures are used as well as manual massage. The contrast between hot and cold thermal therapy which stimulates the bloodstream and relaxes the body.

It is recommended for clients who suffer slimming spaad headaches slimming spaad muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. This custom-made massage results in feelings of deep relaxation and relief of muscle tension. Please note that massage oil for skin and scalp is used. In a mist of essences selected according to your mood, expert hands stimulate your energy centers.

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Like a passport to well-being! AromaVedic helps eliminate tension and recharge your body with energy for pure holistic beauty. Please note that it is not allowed to conduct a massage when blood pressure is substantially above the norm when there are varicose veins, different skin diseases, fever or hypersensitivity to aromatic oils.

Ingredients: Lavender, Slimming spaad Chamomille, petitgrain. This is the perfect way to get extra energy and fight against fatigue. Ingredients: ylang-ylang, rosemary, coriander.

slimming spaad

Restores wellness, helps to improve the mood and get your skin toned and smooth! Ingredients: geranium, ginger, rosewood.

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We use Sothys products, a legendary name that represents excellence and prestige in beauty institutes and spas slimming spaad over the world. The sauna culture has been honored in Estonia.

As the main benefit, it relieves stress and helps strengthen the immune system while leaving the body and mind into total relaxation.

slimming spaad

It could be enjoyed alone or with 1 up toitumine tema rasva kadude korstna ulevaated group of friends. Sauna is not just a place to wash your body, it is also a place for cleansing the soul.

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Japanese style Jacuzzi is a true relaxation in our cold climate. A comfortable heat that remains in the body after coming out of the bath, leaves you with a pleasant enervation. In a cloud of personalized essences, expert hands stimulate the energy centers to relieve the tension.

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  • Aparaadihooldused näole Meemassaž Meemassaž — unikaalne protseduur, mis mõjub lõdvestavalt ja positiivselt kogu organismi tervisele.
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This is a true passport to well-being and its Ayurveda-inspired massage recharges the body with energy. This treatment combines holistic full body massage with a suitable facial treatment.

slimming spaad

The face will be cleansed, exfoliated and massaged using a rich Thousand Flowers Monoi cream. Toning detoxifying rubber mask is applied slimming spaad treatment is finished with a suitable day cream.

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You can choose purifying, soothing or soothing facial treatment. According to Japanese traditions, one must take care of their body to be in unity with the environment. The Hanakasumi ritual is about balancing the mind and body.

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The treatment begins with a whole-body exfoliation using cherry blossom-rice scrub that will be removed with warm towels. This is followed by special feet massage and full body massage using Asian style Shea butter.

The treatment starts with body detoxifying exfoliation.